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Arvig Internet Customers Receive:

Faster Speeds—Great Prices—Unlimited Data

Upgrading is easy and may be FREE.*

You'll notice a big improvement in your online experience with a speed upgrade (especially if you've added devices like phones, computers and tablets in your home).

Got new devices?

It's time for faster internet!

Whether you have 1 or 10+ devices, we have the internet speed to connect multiple devices, play games, download music, stream movies and more.

Go wireless with managed Wi-Fi from Arvig

Do more on multiple devices through your entire home.

Wi-Fi allows users to gain access to the internet wirelessly. Today, computers, gaming systems, TVs, mobile devices and more all use Wi-Fi. Enjoy the following benefits to accompany your Arvig internet service:

+ Easily connect to the internet from almost anywhere in your home.
+ Wi-Fi password recovery.
+ Help for connecting wireless devices to your network.
+ FREE router replacement if needed.

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*Based on Arvig service area and equipment requirements.