No dial tone and/or you receive a busy signal or echo.

  • Ensure that all phones are hung up.
  • Unplug all devices connected to the telephone jack for at least three minutes. (e.g. fax machines, set-top boxes, satellite, etc.)
  • Connect a corded telephone.
  • Verify that you now have dial tone.


You hear a stuttered dial tone

  • Voice mail service from Arvig is active, check your voice mail by pressing *98.
  • If this is your first time checking voicemail, the temporary password is 000000 (change your password).


Caller ID is not working

  • If you have a Caller ID box (separate device from your telephone), check the connections & change the batteries.
  • You receive a recording when dialing long distance stating “you have not chosen a long distance carrier”.
  • Call Arvig at 888.992.7844, to verify that you have chosen a long distance provider.


Outgoing calls are blocked

  • Contact Arvig at 888.992.7844.