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Internet Service Delivery Methods

Keep Your Guard Up Against Scams and Fraud

You’ve probably heard this warning before, but it bears repeating: Be vigilant against fraudulent online listings, phishing scams and shady web-based transactions, because things are only getting worse. From health care scams to shady business practices, there are a host of problems to watch out for. Here’s an overview of some of the most common …

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Login to Your Webmail

Learn how to find and log in to your Arvig email via Webmail.

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Microsoft Phone Scam

Arvig customers often call our Help Desk about a call they received, allegedly, from Microsoft. The scammer poses as a “security expert” calling to say that your computer has been infected and they can help you. Some will offer to fix your PC if you give them remote access to your computer. Others will ask …

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Minnesota Telephone Assistance Plan & Lifeline

State-funded monthly discount information.

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Nine Cybersecurity Terms to Know

Online Backup

Online Scams Are A Growing Threat

June 2020 Newsletter Scammers never take a day off. Holidays, special events, tax season, sales season, emergencies—no matter what’s going on—bad actors never pass up an opportunity to swindle people into handing over their money, giving up personal information or sharing sensitive data. The Better Business Bureau has released its most recent Scam Tracker Risk …

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Password Best Practices

Learn about common mistakes and how to create a stronger password.

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