Arvig All-Digital Conversion Planned for June 4th in Audubon, Cormorant, Detroit Lakes and Pelican Rapids

Arvig is completing its multi-year project to convert television customers to a high-quality, all-digital format. Television customers in Audubon, Cormorant, Detroit Lakes and Pelican Rapids will receive notices via mail that will outline next steps.

Customers with analog televisions will need a digital-to-analog (DTA) converter in order to receive the digital-quality service. The converter boxes are available for lease from Arvig. Many newer television models are equipped with a digital QAM tuner and should not require a DTA. 

“TVs with digital QAM tuners have the capability of receiving digital television signals from a cable provider without requiring a DTA box as long as the channels are not encrypted or scrambled,” said Joel Smith, Manager of Video Operations at Arvig.

Because of this, Arvig suggests that if customers are looking to purchase a new television, they should consider buying one with a digital QAM tuner.

For more information about the conversion, please visit Customers with questions should contact Arvig Help Desk at 877.290.0560.

About Arvig

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